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Florina's Workout Routine
How I got Fit....

I’ve been getting request after request to share my workout routine.
So I figured I’d write a blog on it making it easier for me to share what I did with you.

First off I have to say there is no magic pill that will get you results, if you want results you need to be prepared to workout everyday or atleast 4 days of the week and cut your portions as well as avoiding some foods.

Here’s what a daily workout routine looks like for me most mornings….

I start off with cardio, enough to sweat and burn calories. I would do 25-30 minutes on the treadmill burning 400+ calories. You can also jump rope, sprints, rollerblading (the right way not the gliding way lol… squat and feel the burn) and all other actives that keep you active and sweaty. Keep in mind the more weight you want to loose the more cardio you need.

I Weight lift for toned butt & legs… it’s not as scary as it sounds and you can definitely do all these workouts without weights to start off with. That’s how I did it. Don’t push yourself too much because you don’t want to be too sore to workout the next day. Being sore for 3 days and not being able to move will not give you results.

I first started off with no weights and gradually moved to using (2) 12 pound weights. Currently I am using (2) 20 pound weights. You can start with no weights and add on when you feel your ready.
I do 3 sets of 20 reps.

TARGETS: Hips, Hamstrings & Glutes
Squats with Florina

Using the same weights (2) 20 pound weights (40pounds)  I hold them as I go down into a lung position. I do 3 sets of 15 reps for each leg. (start off with smaller weights or no weights for this workout just like the squats)

TARGETS: Quadriceps, Hamstrings & Glutes

Lunges with florina

Using just one of my weights I place it between my legs on the floor and squat holding the weight. I do 3 sets of 25 reps.

TARGETS: Quadriceps & Glutes

Sumo Squats With Florina

Lean against the wall in a sitting position and hold it there for 30-60 seconds. Do 3 sets of 30 or 60 second.

TARGETS: Hamstrings , Quads and will build your leg muscles

Wall Squats With Florina the makeup artist

This can be done with a weight or without. This is an intense workout targeting your butt. I do 2 sets of 20 reps with a 20 pound medicine ball resting on my lower abs but I suggest cutting that in half for beginners and not using weights because you wont be able to sit on your butt if you do too many.


Glute Bridge With Florina The makeup Artist

I do 3 sets of 15 with a rubber band. Start off without the rubber band till you build the muscle unless you find it too easy.



Work everything your lower back, legs, abs and butt.
I do 3 sets of 15 reps with (2) 20 pound weights (40pounds) but I started with 12 pounds and built up. I don’t recommend doing many off these because you wont be able to move the next day. Having your back sore is one of the worst feelings so start small and don’t push it.
(I dont suggest beginners do this try to build your over all body strength first.)

TARGETS: Lower Back, gluteus maximus, hamstrings & quadriceps


Abs are created not only with exercise but your diet plays an even bigger roll in getting a flat tummy. You can’t expect to get toned flat abs by just doing sit ups. You need to cut your portions and stay away from sugar. Sugar turns into fat. Also drink plenty of water to consistently flush out toxins and make you regular. Cardio plays a huge part in getting awesome abs as well. You need to loose access fat to see toned abs.
**Do not starve yourself, It doesn't work. Your slowing down your metabolism and you wont have enough energy to get a great workout.

This eliminates that muffin top look. Love handles don’t look as pretty as they sound.  I hold a 20 pound weight and bend sideways with the weight. I Do 2 sets of 30 reps.  I suggest using 12 pounds and building up. That’s what I did.

TARGETS: Side Abs "Love handles"

Burn off love handles get rid of muffin tops

I start by holding my self for 60 secs. Then I shift to one side hold my self for 30 seconds then dip down and do a set of 10 reps. Switch to the other side and do the same. Repeat these steps 2 to 3 times.

TARGETS: Your Core


Works the Side abs (targets love handles) hold for 30 seconds then dip down 10 times.

TARGETS: Side Abs (Love handles)

Side bridge


I do 2 different types the one below with my legs up I do 65 reps then I shift to the one with my legs crossed and do another 65 reps. You can start with 30.

TARGETS: Your Upper Abs

Sit ups

2nd type of Crunches: With Legs Crossed
Works your entire abs, I do 65. You can start with 30.

TARGETS: Your Core

Florina Fitness

Side Crunches:
Works the Side abs (targets love handles) 25 each side


Side Situps Florina Makeup Artist

I don’t know the terms for most of these workout so I just posted a visual with how many reps I do. I don’t use large weights for this just my 12 pound weights.

Push Ups:
Push ups are crucial for toning your arms, getting rid of armpit fat (that access fat between your bra and armpit ) and toning your abs. I do 3 sets of 10

TARGETS: Core, Chest & Arms

Push Ups Florina The Makeup Artist Chicago IL 60090

Arm Curls:

Works your Bicepts. I do 2 sets of 10 with 12 pound weights.


Arm Curls fitness working out  Florina The Makeup Artist Chicago IL 60090

Lateral raise for the outer part of the shoulder: 
Works your Bicepts. I do 2 sets of 10 with 12 pound weights.

TARGETS: Upper Back & Shoulders

Lateral raise for the outer part of the shoulder  Florina the makeup artist

Dumbell Raise for your arms:
This defines your arms adding that "v" shape. I do 2 sets of 20

TARGETS: Deltoid " Outer Arms"

Florina the makeup artist

Wall Push Ups:
These work your under arms (bat wings) Form your hands into a triangle and dip into it with your elbows almost touching the wall. These are a pain dont over do them the soreness isn't pretty. I do 2 sets of 15. I recommend doing 2 sets of 8 starting off and build up.

TARGETS: Triceps "Bat Wings"

Florina the makeup artist fitness girl

Rubber band pull:

This mostly works your upper back. I do 2 sets of 15

TARGETS: Lower back, Middle back & arms

Rubber Band workouts florina the makeup artist chicago il 60090

There you have it! Keep in mind my workouts change all the time, I always add workouts in and change up the reps or weights. Always look for new workouts to keep your body challenged.
Have fun and enjoy your body transformation.


Stay Beautiful Everyone
o Florina

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