Here's a quick and simple tutorial on how I shape my eyebrows. I don't like fake looking eyebrows so I keep my natural shape. 

A couple tips I give my clients in my chair is to enhance eyebrows naturally so are some tips....

1. Use a powder to keep them looking like real hair and prevent the "sharpie" look

2. Guide yourself with your natural eyebrow shape. (you can extend and thicken but don't over do it).

3. Most importantly keep them groomed. Eyebrows make a big difference if they are not maintained they can throw off any look. 

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Florina (Makeup Artist)

These 2 set of brushes are perfect!
The 8 set is great for girls looking for a basic but great quality set of brushes.
The 12 set is perfect for girls that like to explore and play around a bit more with their makeup. Its for the adventurous girls, The 4 extra brushes allow you to create more looks. 

8 Piece Set Includes...

1 Foundation Brush
1 Concealer Brush
3 Eye Shadow Brushes
1 Pointly Eyeliner
1 Angled Liner
1 Comb/Lash Groomer

12 Piece Set Includes

1 Foundation Brush
1 Concealer Brush
4 Eye Shadow Brushes
1 Crease Brush
1 Stubby Brush for High Impact Application
1 Pointly Eyeliner
1 Angled Liner
1 Angled Liner brush for grooming eyebrows and applying liner
1 Comb/Lash Groomer

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This video shows my routine of Foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush & contouring. I was asked a few times last week for a video so I made the time to share on with you all.
Im using my favorite products and you can see them in action.

Foundation & Concealer - Are important for giving the skin a flawless finish and bringing attraction to your features rather then your imperfections.

Contouring - Is great for shaping your face, slimming it and bring out your features.

Bronzer - Gives your skin a healthy glow

Blush - Brings out your cheeks and lifts them for a very youthful look.

The Cat Eye, Also known as the winged liner is by far my favorite look.
It opens up my eyes and draws attention to them.
This look is my go to look because it stays looking fresh all day and wont make me look tired like most other styles of makeup do after a couple hours. 

This video shows you 2 ways to master the cat eye. Its a good idea to try both ways and see what works best for you. 

How To Apply Falsies On Yourself...

It's one thing to put them on others but a whole other story when putting Falsies on yourself. So I hope this video & my tips will make it so much easier for you.

  1. Allow the glue to dry slightly till it gets tacky
  2. Use tweezers for a precise application
  3. The more natural the lash the easier and longer lasting
  4. Stay away from plastic lashes, you want 100% Human hair. They are not only way more comfortable but they form to your eyes better giving you a more natural look.

This is a Second Video I did On A Classy, Retro Pinup Makeup. I love doing pinup makeup looks, its one of my favorites because of the beauty and art it holds. 

This pinup makeup look is a bit different then my previous one is much more classy and less retro pinup. Its has a very soft look.

For those that are new to my channel and dont know my work, I am a professional makeup artist and my husband and I own our own photography and makeup business located in Wheeling IL But Service the Chicago Area and Northwest Suburbs.
Our pinup work is by far one of our most favorite and fun types of photography era to shoot. We enjoy the different styles and the beauty of it. Some photographers fall to bring the pose to life which takes away from the pinup look. Think about it, when you think of a pinup girl what stands out?  It's usually their pose that creates the art and beauty of the picture. 

To Get The Makeup Product List Watch It On YouTube

This is the look I wore for my Birthday!  
I had a really pretty Blue Lace dress that I wanted to use to enhance my eyes and this was a perfect look.
I got a great response on Facebook and had a few girls ask me for a tutorial on it so here it is.
I hope you like it and don't forget to feel free to comment and ask any questions. 

To Get The Makeup Product List Watch It On YouTube

Here's a look on a Dramatically Dark Smokey Eye. It actually looks darker in person but on camera it dulls out a bit. 

A couple things to remember before doing a dark look is fallout. Fallout is when access eye shadows falls on your cheeks while doing your eyes. When working with black the fallout can be quite messy.

A couple things you can do to prevent or limit it...
  1. Make sure to tap your brush to get access shadow off.
  2. Apply your foundation after you do your eyes so you can just clean up all the fallout right after doing your eye.
  3. Apply a generous amount loose powder under your eyes to prevent the fall out from sticking onto your skin and just brush it of with a soft fluffy brush.